Editorial: It’s time to pay the piper, Morinville

Editor’s note: You can read this editorial chastizing the community for not nominating volunteers or you can spend the same amount of time and simply go here and nominate some.

The Town of Morinville throws a big party once a year to recognize all the people who volunteer in the community by serving on boards, coaching kids in sports, organiuzing local events, and all the other things that people do to make this community…well a community. The Town understands the importance of volunteers to the vibrancy of the community. We understand it, too. That’s why each year we write an article or two to let our readers know it is time to nominate people in the community for the various levels of volunteer awards. It’s why each year we go to the awards to take pictures of the people being recognized.

It seems Morinville residents have yet to catch on though. Eleven days from the close of nominations and there have been exactly three nominations submitted. We submitted two of those: one for a local business and one for a local youth. None of the nominations received as of Monday afternoon were actually for Volunteer of the Year.

To say we are embarrassed and disgusted that this community places so little value on the work volunteers do would be a gross understatement. Frankly, we’re pissed about it. There would not be a puck dropped in Morinville if it were not for volunteers. There would not be a parade go up the street if it were not for volunteers. There would not be one single non-profit organization or service club in this community were it not for volunteers. And while we all use the services; while we all go to the events; while we all want our kids in hockey, and basketball, and baseball – apparently none of these people are worthy of a few minutes of our time to nominate them for some token of recognition. Apparently only two people in the community give two farts in a twin hula hoop about the importance of volunteers sufficient to type a quick email nomination.

Over the past year I’ve heard from plenty of folks in Morinville that photo radar will destroy our community, that an unresolved school issue will destroy our community, that the unchecked pungency of Champion Petfoods will destroy this community. But what will destroy the community is unappreciated volunteers being unappreciated for too long. If they stopped giving their time and money, nothing would happen here. Nothing.

But that will never happen because those who give their time and money to – like a large bowl of bran – get things moving in Morinville will continue to do so because it is the right thing to do. They know if they stopped, there would be no youth sports, youth programming, community events, etc.

It’s time to pay the piper, Morinville. We enjoy the fruits of the volunteer’s labour year round. If we cannot take three minutes to send an e-mail to nominate the people in Morinville who make a difference in our, our children’s, and our community’s lives, then shame on us all.

We’ve set up a special page on MorinvilleNews.com to assist you in understanding what awards are available with links to nominate someone quick and easy. You can access the list and links here. – SD

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  1. i think its humiliating. one of the things that sets a great community apart is the sense of community…how does that not include gratitude for all of the countless hours of the volunteers that make it a joy by giving the multitude of events large and small that draw everyone together as a community? the little bit of acknowledgement they get is the very least they could be offered in thanks for their time, effort and heart to pull these events off. what a smack in the face. when did it become so very hard to say thank you?

  2. There are only takers and givers in a community. If you give then its obvious that you are a giver!

    However, if you just come and go. Just drop your kids of for sports. Just show up at events. Just watch the parade. Just TALK about how things could be better or that it should have been done like this or that, then as Jeff Foxworthy might say YOU JUST MIGHT BE A TAKER.

    Maybe instead of just taking all the time, more could give.

    There are so many form of giving that no one would be able to say to me that they are too busy to give something!!!

  3. I had thought about doing this but probably would not have followed through, truth be told.

    Thanks so much for the kick in the pants Stephen! And for making the process so very easy.

    You are a true light in that community!

  4. While I’m not really one to talk since I hadn’t nominated anyone previously, I find myself wondering if the two first comments came from people who already put in their own nominations. If not, why not?

    • I’d like to thank all who took time to take action on the editorial. as of 4 p.m. today 32 nominations had been received, 29 more than when the editorial was written.

      We will keep the nomination link page up until the deadline. Please encourage people you know to take a moment. We want to give the committee a lot of work trying to determine who gets what award.

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