Notre Dame experiences the art of mathematics

Notre Dame student Candace Lavoie shows the art work she created in her study of mathematics during Education Week.

By Lucie Roy

Morinville – With so many connections between math and art and everyday living, the theme for Education Week at Notre Dame School was Math Makes You Smart.

“Every class has done a project this week that is math focused art,” said
Grade 5 teacher Dianne Hutton. “Each class had done a different project that went with the curriculum and every morning a new artist was featured who used math in his art for inspiration.”

Artists studied during the week included Maurits Cornelis M. C. Escher, Pablo Picasso, Sonia Delaunay, Piet Mondrian and Juan Miro.

Hutton said research proves students need real world connections to learn. One class used a study of symmetry by creating a totem pole. The Grade 2 class used colour bleaching and string to create geometric shapes after studying art created by Mondrian, an artist whose work is dominated by geometric shapes and interlocking planes, rectangular forms and the use of primary colours. His work Broadway Boogie-Woogie was highly influential in the school of abstract geometric painting.

Thursday morning marked the finale of the Education Week program. Winners were drawn from 47 numbered prizes in the school’s showcase. Students had to solve a math question and place their best guess in the bucket matching the number on the prize. Those with the correct answer would have their names placed in the bucket for the final draw.

Notre Dame student Chays Hall shows off his monster arrays and those done by the Grade 3 class. – Lucie Roy Photos

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