Food bank aided by Primeau students

Keith Holliday helps Morinville Food Bank Society volunteer Ken Skjersven load his truck with donations the school collected this month.

Photos by Lucie Roy

Morinville – Georges H. Primeau students have spent the past two weeks competing with each other to see who could collect the most food for the Morinville Food Bank Society. Tuesday morning the fruits (and vegetables) of that labour was loaded twice into a truck driven by Morinville Food Bank Society volunteer Ken Skjersven who transported the non-perishables back to the food bank.

The food bank drive included two weekly challenges. The first week was a weight challenge which Ms. Jessica Workun’s class won. The second week was a scavenger hunt where certain foods were assigned points. Mrs. Jodi Ostafichuk’s class won the scavenger hunt contest.

Above: Primeau students Angel Auigbelle, Naomi Jones and far right Keith Holliday assist Ken Skjersven loading the food collected for the Morinville Food Bank.

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