Concert promoters defend ticket price

SJB Promotions is inviting you and your friends to join us on Saturday, June 23 for a night of rocking 80ʼs music with Loverboy.

Last year in celebration of Morinvilleʼs Centennial we hosted 4 nights of music and laughter with Jimmy Flynn, Jo Hikk, Doug & the Slugs and Streetheart.

This year we decided to go bigger, to bring Morinville into a new category for touring bands and went after Loverboy. They head into the U.S. and start a five-month tour with Journey immediately following their visit to our town. We were lucky to get them and this is the smallest event they have played in many years. The music starts and ends with a fantastic local cover band, The Whiskey Boyz.

Our tickets prices have been criticized; however, last year our most expensive evening was Streetheart at $65 + taxes. This year the cost to bring in Loverboy is significantly more which means a higher ticket price. However, if you think about it, you will realize you are getting a deal.

$75 + taxes gets you a ticket to see Loverboy, a great 80ʼs band right here in Morinville at the Community Cultural Center where you live, you will share the venue with 450 like-minded partiers, dance all night only 10 feet from the band, sit at a table with eight of your closest friends, eat yummy finger foods from Donʼs, one of our local restaurants, and all drinks, alcohol or otherwise will cost $5 or less. $75 + taxes for a ticket at Rexall (if you are lucky) means traveling into Edmonton, paying for a taxi or parking, share the venue with 13,000 like-minded people, dancing will happen at your seat off the floor away from the stage, share your experience with your friends looking at them down the row, eat expensive concession foods, pay no less than $8 a drink, and most likely use binoculars to see the band.

For my money Morinville is a much better deal!

Why do we take the personal risks on these events? Honestly, because the whole process is fun, we want to support local businesses, highlight the community cultural centre and ultimately provide an exciting night of entertainment to our community.

We have already sold 200 of the 450 available seats so donʼt waste any more time.

You can buy full tables of 8 for $600 + taxes or individual seats at $75 + taxes.

Please contact Jackie Luker at 780-939-3064 or Ron Cust at 780-718-6838. Jackie Luker – On behalf of SJB Promotions

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