Column: Joe Morinville

Fall is upon us and Joe has some things rolling around in his brain. It may be squirrels storing nuts in his head for winter.

1 – Do woman shave their legs less in fall and winter?

2 – Why if I leave seeds in my garden from fall cleanup does it not just start growing in spring?

3 – Why do many of the new staff shrug the town’s people off instead of seizing the opportunity to work together. The workshops are an opening. It is the formal “see I consulted with you mambo jumbo. I am talking about really talking to people as equals. Time and time again people have on the outside of the formal town bureaucratic structure demonstrated their knowledge of the community and often offer up the resources and the opportunities to solve the problems.

4 – Okay that was whiny. But let’s get back to thanking the many helpful people in town, people who come in when you call them and truly try to help. Keep it up it is not going unnoticed.

5 – Do you think about penguins and hippos and lizards all the time? Funny, I do not either. So why does Telus think I enjoy their ads because they put animals climbing all over their Telus emblem in print and on TV. It’s boring climbing around on boring.

6 – And speaking of annoyances – could Shaw stop calling me to sell me their services. Try this next time a telemarketer calls you. Say, “I’d love to hear about your offer but I am waiting for a telemarketer to call.” Then just hang up. I guarantee you will be the talk of the call centre that night.

7 – Do the men who dress commando in summer where something in the winter?

8 – Go to the library and sit quietly reading. After 10 minutes make a buzzing sound and see how long it takes someone to tell you to stop that and grow up. Calmly tell them Joe Morinville sent you to create a buzz in town about the library. The rest of you just go to the library to see if you hear the buzz.

9 – Try this game with your friends. Who is less competitive? Think about that. If you show you are less competitive it means you win – which means you are competitive. Not trying makes you competitive? Something like this is what I think the NHL is doing?

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