Region briefs: Gibbons adopts new logo

By Morinville News Staff

Gibbons – A new logo has been unveiled in Gibbons, the result of an eight-month development process that sought a design that was in keeping with the vision of the town’s Municipal Sustainability Plan, a document released in 2010.

Although a departure from the community’s previous logo, it is believed the new design speaks to something of critical importance to the town’s future.

The logo visually refers to the bridge and river valley system in Gibbons, and it is hoped the viewer will infer a connection to family, security and the strength of togetherness.

The logo’s colouration acknowledges to the importance of the environment that Gibbons believes makes their community special: rich earth, lush greens and clear blue skies.

Tying in with the visual aspects of the logo is Gibbons new slogan – Rooted in Family. It was developed with community collaboration during the development of the town’s Sustainability Plan.

The new logo will be complimented by the release of a new website design, increased social media presence and promotional materials in the next few months.

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