Morinville News Makers and Shakers: Lucie Roy


We conclude this March Break Movers and Shakers feature with three Morinville News Makers and Shakers: The Morinville Community Library, Serge Froment and Lucie Roy.

By Stephen Dafoe

Lucie Roy – Freelance reporter / Historian / All Around Volunteer

The camera is never far from Lucie Roy’s hand. Though many times the photos end up in the pages of The Morinville News, as often as not Lucie Roy is simply recording the events that happen today but which will be history down the road.

Though she did not grow up in Morinville, Roy’s love of the community is evident in her dedication to learning its history and preserving its present for future generations to learn from.

But beyond learning the past and preserving the present, Roy is a dedicated and tireless volunteer who has offered her services to the Morinville Legion, Morinville Historical and Cultural Society, Morinville Lions Club, Morinville Fish and Game Association, and the Morinville Festival Society, to name a few.

Outside the groups she has been involved with, she works hard to ensure the community is aware of what is happening, equally willing to turn her lens or her assistance on the biggest parade or the smallest bake sale.

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