MCHS presents theatrical trio

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The prince talks to Rapunzel in her tower in Rapunzel Uncut.

Photos By Stephen Dafoe

Morinville Community High School students continued the annual tradition of putting on an evening of one-act plays Apr. 30. This year’s performance included three plays: How To Succeed In High School Without Really Trying, Sorry, Wrong Number, and Rapunzel Uncut. Students have been rehearsing the plays for the past three months and performed them before friends, family and fellow students Tuesday night.

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How To Succeed In High School Without Really Trying

The first of the three plays, How To Succeed In High School Without Really Trying, was a comedic piece directed by Alyssa Turnbull and starring Ryan McManners, Emily Dell, Alyssa Short, Joel Dmytrow, Te-Ehla Brooks, Sara Bilodean, Cody Munon, Jamie Thorne, Emily Burry, and Tim Oliver.

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Sorry, Wrong Number

Things turned a little darker in Sorry, Wrong Number, a one-act play directed by Katherine Bulcock and starring Abby Little-Young, Travis Loseth, Devon Blinston, Rose Van Brabant, Liz Turner, Kali MacDonald, Anthony Nault, and Leith Hutton. A woman’s call to her husband inadvertently gets connected to two men plotting a murder, a dark deed that does not end well for the accidental eavesdropper.

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Rapunzel Uncut

The final play of the evening returned to comedic themes as two narrators try to tell the real uncut story of Rapunzel. The comedy, directed by Jaye Campiou and Jenny Kinshella, starred Rebecca Kerrison, Jared Loseth, Tia Thrussell, Jaye Campiou, Sarah Bachand, Kaitlin Roberts, Travis Loseth, and Dillon Thrussell.

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