Club 60 Roses reaches milestone

Front, Fernande Letourneau, Lillian Bilodeau, Leo Charrois, Alpheda Morin, Fabiola Hunting and Terry Prefontaine. Second row Germaine Nault, Rose Savard, Cora DeChamplain, Georgette Prefontaine and her husband Roland. Third row Roger Prefontaine Anna Brisson, Maggie Blanchette and Leonard Blanchette, and Alma Boisvert.


By Lucie Roy

Legal – More than 80 Club 60 Roses members and guests were in attendance for the group’s 40th anniversary celebrations Sunday afternoon. The formal part of the day included a historical retrospective of the club’s history from Yvette Cyr and congratulatory messages from Legal Councillor Carol Tremblay, Sturgeon Foundation Executive Director Dennis Magnusson, Barrhead-Morinville-Westlock MLA Maureen Kubinec and Westlock-St Paul MP Brian Storseth. Legal Chateau Sturgeon residents Fabiola Hunting and 101-year-old resident Alpheda Morin performed the cake cutting. Sturgeon Foundation Housing Administrator-North Stacey Danake and Dennis Magnusson presented a bouquet of flowers to Cyr on behalf of the club.

President Georgette Cyr said the Let’s Honour our Seniors Lifetime Membership Project was introduced in 2012. Members from the past 20 years who have reached the age of 80 were honoured with lifetime memberships. Sixteen Lifetime members were present and honoured Sunday as part of the Club 60 Roses Open House and the Club’s celebration of 40 years of serving seniors of Legal.

Club 60 Roses began in 1973 with a letter from the federal government advising the board of Chateau Sturgeon that funds were available to establish a recreation centre designed to promote active living and a more meaningful life for the retired citizens of Legal and district. Club 60 Roses, a title that suggests those over 60 can still continue to grow, flourish and have fun, was established with the help and cooperation of the Federal Government in the form of a grant, Sturgeon Foundation provided the lot, Legal School Board the building, MD of Sturgeon excavated the basement, the Town of Legal provided the foundation and the volunteers and seniors in the community donated their time, materials, and ingenuity to make the club a success.

Cyr said tables for the club were assembled from used farm discs and sections of pipe topped with a plywood surface. These tables served the club for more than three decades.

In October of 1978 Club 60 launched its trademark community breakfast that continues to draw residents and visitors to the club on the first Sunday of the month.

By the 1990s many of the earliest supporters of the club had regrettably passed away and these members would not be forgotten. Plaques bearing the names of all deceased members would remain on view at the Club. “The club continues to grow, thanks to various grants, fundraising and the help and support of members and volunteers,” Cyr said.

Nowadays, the club hosts many events, namely immunization clinics, polling station, seniors’ picnic, crib tournaments, Tuesday night crafts, quilting workshops, birthday parties, weddings and anniversaries. ”

“With 40 years of operation under our belt, Club 60 Roses remains a focal point and a vital resource in our community,” Cyr said, adding the club supports seniors and youth alike. “ It is concrete proof that citizens of a certain age have not lost their enthusiasm, their zest for life and their devotion to the community.”

Club 60 Roses has 155 registered members ranging in the age from 50 to 101. This includes 25 lifetime members that have been with them from the beginning of the group.

Above Left: Alpheda Morin and Fabiola Hunting performed the cake cutting ceremony at the Club 60 Roses 40th Anniversary Celebration Sunday afternoon.

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