Column: Joe Morinville

The editor said I shouldn’t do another column about the festival this week because I done one on the festival last week. So I didn’t send him anything by the deadline or even a day after the deadline and that got him in a panic thinking he’d have to take a picture of a bird or something to fill my space. So here are some more thoughts on this weekend’s festival.

1/ There are a couple big acts coming again this weekend. The Headpins sounds like a band of bowlers, but I do remember Sweeney Todd. I was about 30 when they came out with Roxy Roller. I always thought it had some filthy lyrics. Still, it’s a pretty catchy tune and I’m sure both of them bands will put on another good show.

2/ I don’t usually eat pancakes because I tend to go a bit crazy with the maple syrup. But if Council is going to be flipping flap jacks on the grill on the street, I will be there. Won’t be long and most of them will be flapping their gums with campaign speeches. We best get the flipping while we can. And I want to shake the mayor’s hand and thank him for a hell of a lot more than cooking me breakfast on a Saturday morning in June.

3/ Right after breakfast and after the parade, I’m going to walk along the back streets by Home Hardware and see all those old cars and trucks that Chevalier boy has got lined up again this year. There is nothing like fins and big engines to get my motor running.

4/ A couple of the grand kids are supposed to come out from Edmonton on Friday night to spend the weekend. They are pretty excited to see the acrobat circus where the gals spin around on scarves in the air. I really liked watching that last year, but the missus said I liked it too much. So she said she was taking them this year and I could go stuff my face with French fries at the arena. So at least I got that to look forward to.

5/ It’s going to be a tough choice between watching the roller derby in the arena on Saturday and watching the firemen and probably a couple of the fire ladies doing that combat challenge they always do in the outdoor rink. My favourite part is watching them near pass out dragging that rescue dummy across the finish line. Reminds me of the many times I drug my brother Oscar home from the Frontiersman on a Saturday night. He is heavy and he is my brother. And he’s got a lot heavier since the Frontiersman closed.