Column: Joe Morinville


The climate hasn’t got any better since the last time youse heard from me. I’m not talking about global warming or the weather in Morinville. I’m talking about how people act and do stuff. Everybody seems so tense and up tight. So I thought I’d share some of the funnier stuff I’ve seen last week.

1 Seems there was a wallaby loose in town the other day. Now the editor isn’t a particularly funny guy but I guess this thing was seen by the fire hall. Anyway, he puts on the Facebook that it wasn’t a wallaby. It was just Fire Chief Ron Cust jumping up and down because he was mad. Struck me funny.

2 Speaking of the Fire Chief, I heard in the coffee shop the other day he got a ticket on his old car for having an old license plate on the front bumper. Let that be a warning to you classic car guys. An expired plate is an expired plate. Best stick to fuzzy dice.

3 Speaking of getting tickets. I read a good one from the Edmonton Journal on photo radar in their venting section. “Yes, photo radar is taxation. I wish I could avoid all my taxes simply by driving the speed limit.”

4 It’s time Council did something about the transient problem in this town. You cannot take a walk through the park without one of them squawking or hissing at you. I know it is only a few weeks before the geese head south but they are pretty agressive right now and maybe Bylaw ought to go squawk at them a while.

5 Speaking of unwanted items in the park, I’m looking forward to being able to down a cold beer in St. Jean Baptiste Park come Obtober. I know some folks are against the idea, but people drink beer in the parks all the time. With the Festival Society doing it – it will be legal and there will be no broken glass.

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