Second quarter report gives out the numbers

Apartment building helping Morinville’s growth

A 37-unit apartment building has helped push Morinville over the top on its growth goals for the year. The Town’s Municipal Development Plan set a goal of 73 housing starts for the community in 2013. By the end of June Morinville had 77 starts: 25 single-family housing units and 52 multi-family starts. The properties are estimated at $13.5 million in new assessment. Single-family housing starts were down approximately 40 per cent over 2012. The apartment building increased the multi-family starts considerably from the 10 units registered in 2012.

Enforcement services experiences many calls, fewer tickets

Enforcement Services covered considerable ground in the second quarter of 2013, responding to a total of 477 calls. Of those stops, officers issued 19 bylaw tickets, gave out 60 provincial offence warnings, and issued another 48 provincial tickets.

Almost half of the second quarter calls were related to unsightly properties in Morinville. Corporate Operations Director David Schaefer said bylaw officers received 100 per cent compliance during the quarter and that ongoing issues are being monitored and followed up to ensure continued compliance through proactive measures.

Of the 19 tickets issued under Morinville’s bylaws, the majority were related to vehicles. Bylaw issued eight tickets for illegal parking, seven tickets for unattached trailers on the street, and two tickets for riding off-highway vehicles on town roads. The remaining two tickets issued in the second quarter were related to dogs.

Bylaw issued 48 provincial offences. Of those, 16 were for expired or blurred license plates. Another seven tickets were for illegal parking, and four were issued for speeding.

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