Column: Joe Morinville


joethumbA reader of my column give me some ideas this week about Olympic events and places we could use for them if Morinville ever got to host the Winter Olympics. Here’s some of their ideas and some of mine too.

1 They figured we could use the Roseridge landfill and call it Mount Roseridge for downhill skiing, bob sled racing and snowboarding. The Town’s walking trails could be used for cross country skiing. And the recreation centre could be used for hockey, curling, and figure skating. Speed skating on the icy roundabouts.

2 They also had a couple ideas for Morinville original sporting events. The 10-Metre Snow Shovel (to get your car off the driveway) was one. That one would be followed by the 20-Metre Car Push to get your car down the unplowed streets. Not sure how those events would compete with Edmonton and St. Albert. The distances would be much longer there through their unplowed streets.

3 Skijoring is a sport I never heard until I looked up strange winter sports on the Google. Apparently it’s a combination of skiing and dog sledding. One dog. One harness. One guy on the skis. And away you go. That sounds like fun. We could get some greyhounds rigged up and race by the photo radar guy. Not sure I’d be good at it. My dog Buffalo Jump is a boxer. He’s strong but his legs aren’t long like a greyhound.

4 I got one that I think would be a real winner here. Everybody goes up to the curling club lounge and orders up a bunch of beer. We get us a computer and put it on the Facebook and the like. Everytime someone makes a complaint or stupid comment about our community, we take a big drink of beer. People’d be under the table passed out in about ten minutes. No real winners in that, but you’d be skunked for a good long bit so you could forget how negative some people are getting to be here.

5 With all the ball diamonds we got in this town we could also do a snow baseball event if we ever got the Olympics. Even if we don’t get the Olympics we could do a snow baseball tournament in the winter. Baseball used to be a big deal in the town when I was growing up. Could be again if we all pitched in.

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