Our Morinville in photos

Our Morinville is an opportunity to view life through our community members’ lenses. Photos can be of this and surrounding communities, cool photos from places our readers have visited. The pages are wide open on possibility. Each month we will select one photo as the choice of the month. That reader will receive a $100 Shop in Morinville gift certificate. They pick the Morinville News advertiser — we lay down the cash in the form of a gift certificate. Send your high-resolution photos to editor@morinvillenews.com.

BJ_Can I Come In
Bluejay calling
Linda Lyons sent in this photo of a bluejay looking in her window as if curious about what’s going on inside.

The partridge family
Linda sent this show of two little partridges hiding under their spruce trees and running over to the bird feeder to eat. They could only get the one.

Sure sign of spring
Rebecca Balanko sent in this shot she is certain is a sure sign that spring is coming our way.The little bird was spotted chirping on her deck.

No bullying
Rebecca Balanko sent this shot of an Anti Bullying Graffiti wall at Morinville Public Elementary School. “Every student contributed and I built it,” Balanko said in her photo submission.

Bentley & The Geese
Bentley and the geese
Trina Roberts sent this shot of her dog Bentley watching the geese last fall. Sounds in the air indicate some have returned.

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snow scenes & such 017
Winter clouds
Frank Koenig sent us this interesting shot of an interesting pattern of clouds.

Historic silhouette
Melodie Steele sent in this shot of St. Jean Baptiste Church set against a colourful sky.


My name is Ebony. It’s so nice to meet you. I am a 3-year-old spayed German Shepherdmix. I have so much energy. I can play and run and chase balls all day. I need plenty of exercise and a doggy friend to call my own would be even better. I know my basic commands and I’m very smart and keen to learn new ones. I just get so excited sometimes I forget my manners, but I can promise that they do exist. I do have suspected food alergies so the gals here say I cannot have any treats, just my dog food. But I don’t mind. I’d rather hve toys to chew on anyway. Contact the Morinville Veterinary Clinic at 780.933.3133.

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