Competition fierce for annual baby crawl

Emcee Sheldon Fingler has a little mid-race chat with first-place winner Rhett Carrol during the Morinville News Baby Crawl Sunday afternoon.

Rhett Carrol crosses the finish line.

Lucie Roy Photos

Morinville – While residents were mulling over what the outcome would be on the Town’s photo radar plebiscite, a different type of speeder was racing through Morinville. Sunday afternoon’s Annual Morinville News Baby Crawl saw five competitors take to the Trade Show stage, each eager to take this year’ competition glory. Although all competitors were in top racing form, only the top three took trophies and prize packages home.

The five crawling speedsters were split into several races organized by race marshal Ron Cust. The winner from each of the heats battled it out in finals race to determine first-, second- and third-place winners.

Racing styles varied in Sunday afternoon’s main event, giving Baby Crawl spectators an inside view of just how important technique is in the sport, and just how many months of work go into developing those techniques.

First place in the Morinville News Baby Crawl went to 10-month-old Rhett and his mom Erin Carrol. Presenting the award was Morinville News owner Stephen Dafoe and Ron Cust, race official. In addition to the first-place trophy provided by Morinville News, Dafoe presented the first prize basket and gift card from Neighbors Vitamin Shop who were unable to attend.

Second place went to 11-month-old Bryson and his Mom Heather Hennie. In addition to the Morinville News second-place trophy, Team Hennie received a Higher Grounds Espresso Bar gift basket from proprietor Crystal Terrhorst.

Third place in the Morinville News Baby Crawl contest went to 9-month-old Bridget and her Mom Sam Goodin. Team Goodwin received their trophy and a pair of movie tickets from The Morinville News.

After posing for several media photo opportunities Sunday, all three winners announced they would be ending their racing careers, as no competitor is eligible to compete once they are able to walk.