Primeau takes to the high seas for adventure

buddy bones
Billy Bones (Logan Skyrpan) gets in a bad way early in the performance.

IMG_4878-2Photos by Stephen Dafoe

Georges H. Primeau Middle School put on two performances of Treasure Island Apr. 15 and 16 at the Morinville Community Cultural Centre. The 50-minute performance, directed by Mr. O’Gormun, Ms. Workun, Ms. Debrule, Mrs. Rivet, and Mrs. Riley, took three solid months of preparation.

Based on Robert Louis Stevenson’s 1883 novel of the same name, the stage production included a cast of 20 student actors. The tale of buccaneers and buried gold cast Alexys Paypompee as Jane Hawkins, Quinn Vervynck as Long John Silver, Tyler Watson as Captain Smollett, Logan Skyrpan as Billy Bones, Teagan anslow as Tattoo Charlie, Gabby Brisson as Squire, Mataya Burt as Doctor Livesley, Sam Burry as Scurvy Pete, Caleb Campbell-Potts as Moby-Dick, Hunter Fabbro as One-Eyed Tom, Kobe Graham as King Neptune I, Chelsea Hagel as Mom, Sarah Hughes as Bimini, Madison Hunt as Dancin’ Dan, Rowan Ozipko as Black Dog, Jaeden Piche as Blind Pew, Haillee Reaume as Sealeg Sam, Jennifer Sinani as Honest Abbey, Jensen Snell as Hurrican Hal, and Luke Zacharias as Benn Gunn.

Above: Jane Hawkins (Alexys Paypompee) talks with Long John Silver (Quinn Vervynck).

The captain and his crew.

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