Circus comes to town

Photos by Lucie Roy

Morinville – A large tent was erected behind the arena Monday for two after school Circus shows. A one-ring European style circus was surrounded by bleachers, putting everyone close to the action. Acts included clowns, acrobats, aerialists, a fire eater and manipulator, magic, dogs performing various tricks, human cannonball, juggling, and a contortionist. Outside pony rides and a pirate bouncy house with slide added to the carnival atmosphere.

fire eater
The fire eater does his thing.

Juggling seven rings.

A circus performer does his balancing act

The contortionist gets bent out of shape

The Human Cannonball was another of the many acts at the Family Fun Circus that came to town on Monday. The two shows took place in the big top blue tent located behind the arena.

Guy Meunier checking out the circus on Monday afternoon.

Harley and Aidyn Thomson were enjoying the pony rides before the start of the big show at the circus on Monday afternoon.

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