Letter: Volunteers needed to steward local conservation lands

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The Edmonton and Area Land Trust (EALT) will be taking volunteers to the Boisvert’s GreenWoods property on Saturday 23rd, to do a range of stewardship and maintenance activities.

This is exciting because it’s the first time the public, in the form of volunteers, are going on the land. They will be taking down the ‘No Tresspassing’ sign, putting up our own signage, and doing trail maintenance.

The major focus of trail maintenance will be related to the short trail to the pond, and may involve weeding, or spreading bark chips, or other activities.

The land trust’s core volunteers come from Edmonton to the surrounding properties, generously giving their time to help steward them. However, EALT is very keen to develop local stewards for their properties, as they eventually become the eyes and ears for EALT about the property, as well as discovering a new place they can enjoy to walk.

EALT would like like to encourage volunteers from Morinville and area to make contact, since they may not know of the land trust, and may really enjoy learning about this new property from a knowledgeable staff person, in the company of other like-minded individuals. Also, since they will be putting up EALT signs, everyone can take pride in helping make this property more visible and accessible to citizens!

Since this 80 acre woodland parcel has great wildlife habitat, it is a beautiful place to spend a Saturday, with good opportunities to view wildlife. New volunteers are most welcome, and EALT has a Volunteers Orientation Handbook too.

EALT is providing lunch for volunteers, so all in all, it should be a most enjoyable time outdoors.

If anyone is interested in this or would like more information, they could contact Rebecca@ealt.ca, or at 780-850-3270. They can also see more about the property at: http://www.ealt.ca/properties/boisverts-greenwoods

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