Festival fundraising event a real mouthful

Morinville Festival Society member Jason Stubbs tries his hand at the Morinville Monster at a recent society meeting. – Submitted Photo

by Stephen Dafoe

Weighing in at roughly five pounds of meat, bun and trimmings, the Morinville Monster is a mouthful by anyone’s reckoning. This hamburger of gigantic portions will be the object of one of the more interesting offerings at this October’s Oktoberfest: Food and Jam Festival.

The game for gourmands was the brainchild of Morinville Festival Society members Kareen Tucci of KT Admin and Kelly Perras of Kelly’s Deli & Bakery. The object is simple – eat the burger within the required time and you walk, roll or crawl away with fame and prizes.

“They have to eat in any way that they possibly can without help from someone else within an hour,” said burger builder Kelly Perras “They can use their mouth. They can use a knife and fork, spoon. They have to eat it within an hour.

Participants in the Morinville Monster Contest will plop down $50 and their appetites to conquer the meaty beast. If they beat the hour their time will be stacked against others who finish within 60 minutes. The fastest time to complete the meat wins the trophy and some prizes. Those who cannot will have the satisfaction of knowing their $50 has gone to assist in funding festivals in Morinville.

Perras said the burger being built for the fundraiser is pretty much a meatloaf: a giant all-beef patty made up of meat, eggs, bread crumbs, garlic and her special mix of spices, all mounted on a home made Kelly’s Deli & Bakery bun.

As tasty as the burger is Perras said Morinville Festival Society member Jason Stubbs was only able to get through about a third of the colossal creation at a recent society meeting.

Those interested in registering for the Morinville Monster can visit MorinvilleFestivals.com for more information.

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