Town and County want you to get off the Internet


by Morinville News Staff

More children can play a computer by the age of five than can ride a bike. By the time a high school student graduates, they will have spent more time looking at screens than attending class, playing sports and talking with friends combined.

This information from and are just two of the reasons 20 Capital Region municipalities are joining together to ask their residents to unplug from electronics this Family Day, Feb. 16.

“Everyone is asked to disconnect from technology for the day in order to reconnect with family, friends, and community,” reads a joint press release sent out by the communities. “Go for a walk, gather for a board game, eat dinner together or play in the snow.”

The participating municipalities, which include Morinville, Sturgeon County, Legal, Bon Accord, Gibbons and 14 others, are encouraging each other to unplug and record how many hours are spent collectively unplugged throughout the region.

Last year the 22 participating communities collectively unplugged for 129,451 hours.

Individuals and families can log their hours for their municipality by Feb. 17. They will need to reconnect and do so by visiting Participants are encouraged to share their stories on what they did to unplug.

The annual Unplug event coincides with Morinville’s Annual Snowman Festival, running Feb. 14 to 16.

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