Sturgeon Hockey Club looking to keep fees low for players

by Stephen Dafoe

Sturgeon Hockey Club President Wayne Gatza and his board know hockey is an expensive sport. They are working to get the cost lower.

“One of my mandates is to make it cheaper, and I think I’ve found a way to do that within our structure without making a whole bunch of changes,” he said. “We want to make sure kids are getting what they pay for.”

Part of getting what players are paying for is getting the word out about programs and play. Gatza said Communication Coordinator Adam Scharmann is already working on getting the SHC message out.

“I think we need to step that up and one of the things we’re going to do is get that Facebook page active and, much like we did with Hockeyville, ask people to send us picture, send us pictures,” he said. “I foresee that being an easy task. It’s going to be a program that we mandate within the board. We’re not going to drop the ball on that one.”

Gatza sees it as relationship building with the community, a process that he and the board believe will get more people out to minor hockey games. “It’s community spirit, community pride – all those things are important,” he said, adding he believes in continued support of minor hockey from the Morinville Kings and Morinville Jets are important for young players. “We want to have that connection. I think the DOuble-A model is going to help build the Jets program too. Guys in Midget come here, and the Jets staff can watch them and scout them. They become a Jet, and then the become a King. Development is huge to me.”

Gatza is still looking to fill two positions on his board: a registrar and a Bantam Director. Anyone interested in applying can contact Wayne Gatza at 780-399-8912 or

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