Community Gardens clean up for winter

The Morinville Centennial Community Gardens (MCCGS) held their Fall Work Bee Oct. 7 at both community garden locations: the backyard of the United Church and Champlain Park (across from the arena). All plots and raised beds needed to be cleared out and many hands made for light work. The MCCGS has more than 25 members, with many of them new to the Society. In the New Year, the group will discuss plans for Phase Three, to be located in the north end of Champlain Park.

Above: Willow Newman was one of the younger volunteers at the Champlain Park work bee held Oct. 7.


Rob Rheubottom transfers some of the compost from one box to the other at the cleanup.


Kevin Loseth, Isabel Skjersven and Rob Rheubottom cleaning out the pots.

– Lucie Roy Photos

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