Column: Joe Morinville

Well, it sure is good news that we are getting a new walk-in medical clinic in town at that new fancy building next to Shell. I’d heard it was going to be an Irish bar, and I heard it was going to be an Italian restaurant, and I heard it was going to be another liquor store but one with a hair salon in it. So I’m glad to hear we’re going to have some more places for folks to get seen by a doctor because we don’t need any more places to get your hair done or places that sell liquor for when you want to let your hair down.

Politicians thinking small

Now I don’t know if you’ve been following the American election or not, but it’s getting to be like arguments in a pub more than it’s looking like arguments among public servants.

At the last debate, Donald Trump wanted to remind voters that he had sufficient real estate below his belt buckle. My whole life I’ve seen people measuring a politician’s worth, but never seen a debate where the moderator needed to bring a ruler.

Used to be a time when politicians argued with one another on the issues they figured they could solve better than the other guy, and now it’s down to who can get the most laughs by calling the other guy the rudest names.

I can’t wait until this election is over so I can start reading on Facebook all about who’s going to run against President Trump in the 2020 election. Of course, if Trump gets in maybe there’ll be no more elections.

More businesses we need in town

Seems no matter what businesses open up in Morinville somebody isn’t happy with it. Dairy Queen’s coming and people are upset about the little ice cream shack (good ice cream by the way) being affected. Someone wants to open a pizza place, and you hear we got too many pizza places already. Same with hair salons or barber shops. Was a time we had a couple or few places you could rent movies you had to rewind, but things changed and now people are supposed to download them off the Internet at home. So them stores closed up and become other things. Some of them’s still here, and some of them are gone. As much as everyone keeps saying we’re almost a city; there’s still only going to be 10,000 people here, and that ain’t enough for some of the big name business people want now.

Credit where credit is due

I don’t often have much applause for the Magnificent Seven (AKA Town Council) but this idea they had to not charge nothing for kid shows this year seems to have been a good one. Seen they had them packed to the rafters for some kids singers last month and the Town said all the tickets for this lit up dance show Thursday night was gone but you could come in case there was any extra seats once people got in.

I once called the building Bertschi’s white elephant on account of all the fancy shows they was bringing that I kept reading was losing money, but I’ve seen some good shows there, including our own fiddle sensation, and been to just about all the Oktoberfests and now the French nights.

I guess Council final figured if you was going to lose some money putting on shows for people you might as well do it with people sitting in the chairs.