Letter: Proxy sales not permitted

I’d like to take a minute to discuss proxy sales.

Proxy sales occur when an individual, who is permitted by law or policy to access a device or service, procures that device or service and then provides it to an individual who is not permitted access.

Proxy sales often plague adult-oriented businesses such as liquor shops, and indeed vape shops.

As a local business owner in a community, integrity and ethics are critical to sustained success. Regardless of the current legal status of minors and access to smoking alternatives, Alternatives & Options does not condone youth access or proxy sales as a matter of policy.

Any parent or school principal can come into the shop at any time with a photo of a child or student. We have the ability to review up to two months of surveillance footage on any of the interior cameras or the cameras that view the external parking lot.

The interior cameras are placed in such a manner that any time we ask to see I.D., it will be recorded from at least two angles.

Instances where it is suspected or proven that falsified identification has been used, it will be forwarded to the RCMP as a report of an offence.

Instances of proxy sales, where identified and recorded, will result in access bans to all parties involved.

Thomas Kirsop
Owner and CEO,
Alternatives & Options – Vapourizers and E-Liquids Ltd.

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