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A star among the stars

The first Canadian astronaut to walk in space was walking around Bon Accord over the weekend. Astronaut Colonel Chris Hadfield, who has logged 2600 orbits of the earth, lived in space and on the ocean floor, was the keynote speaker at Bon Accord’s Equinox 2016 Festival Saturday.

Hadfield’s appearance was not the only highlight of this year’s festival, now in its fifth year. The event coincided with Bon Accord becoming Canada’s first International Dark Sky Community.

– Melodie Steele Photo


Watching the geese

Two men sit on the Morinville Fish and Game Association Pond shoreline as geese go by.

– Stephen Dafoe Photo


Public works were out repainting lines on 100 Street Sept. 20.


One potato, odd potato

Sherron Wehrhahn was showing some of the larger oddly-shaped potatoes last week. The unusual spuds were free for the taking at the Midstream Support Society’s Thrift Store.

– Lucie Roy Photo


A copy of the Golden Daily Mail from London, England printed June 30, 1919, was donated to the Musee Morinville Museum on Wednesday afternoon. Sharon and Bob Kinahan presented the newspaper to Donna Garrett, Museum Operations Attendant. Sharon said this issue to commemorate the signing of Peace in the tenth year of his Majesty King George V’s reign was in gold print but not preserved well and is turning green.

The Golden Peace Number of the Daily Mail has a picture of Edith Cavell, a British nurse executed during WWI for her part in helping Allied prisoners escape occupied Brussels.
In Canada Jasper National Park has Mountain Edith Cavell named after her. Sharon said her grandfather David Howrie from Vernon,BC had served in Vimy.


Desa School of Karate with classes in Sturgeon County for over 25 years taught by Sensei Janet Vranas, a 5th Degree Black Belt started up again on Friday 16 Sept at Cardiff Hall Dojo.
More than 100 students are enrolled in the program. Classes at Cardiff start at 5 pm for the white, yellow, blue and new red belts and 6 pm start time for advanced red belts to Black Belts. Classes also started on Tuesday 13 Sept at the Legal Centralta Community Center.
Assistant Instructor includes Rebecca Skyrpan, a 2nd degree Black Belt, and trainer Nicky Vranas a 1st Degree Black Belt and Logan Skyrpan. Materials covered include warm up exercises, kicking techniques, Kata also known as patterns. Other materials such as arm, leg and body conditioning exercises are unique to their style said Vranas. Classes are open for ages 6 to adult.

– Lucie Roy Photo

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