38th Annual Community Christmas Celebration continues Morinville holiday tradition

The 38th Annual Morinville Community Christmas Celebration was held at the St. Jean Baptiste Catholic Church on Wednesday night.

The program included ten readers, singing by the congregation and the Morinville Minstrels, MCHS Band Ensemble, Ecole Notre Dame School Choir, Krista Mulbery, St. Jean Baptiste Parish French Choir, Georges H. Primeau School Choir and the Bulger Family.

The Silent Night Candlelight Procession was accompanied by Brian Grant singing Silent Night and Philip Lavallee on the organ.

Master of Ceremonies Sheldon Fingler said, “This year our community almost lost this wonderful celebration. I would like to take a moment to thank the Morinville Minstrels for stepping up and taking on the celebration and keeping it alive for all of you to enjoy this evening.”

The Morinville Minstrels

MCHS Ensemble

Six of the readers, Mariya Chvojka, Benn Fingler, Tom Flynn, Paul Froment, Barry Turner, and Sofiya Chvojka.

Ecole Notre Dame School Choir singing Hope is Born This Night.

The Bulger family kept the music moving.

Krista Mulbery sang O Holy Night from the organ loft.

Readers Pastor Lewis, Judy Baker, and Stephen Dafoe followed by Emily Chiasson (not shown).

G.H Primeau School Choir sang Christmas is Coming.

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