CFIB ready to launch 8th annual Red Tape Awareness Week

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by Morinville News Staff

The Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) will kick off their 8th Annual Red Tape Awareness Week Jan. 23, challenging governments to reduce what CFIB calls the hidden tax of red tape for the good of all Canadians.

A 2015 CFIB report suggests that a third of the $37 billion in annual regulation costs imposed on small and large businesses are red tape.

“Next week’s line-up of announcements, research, and releases is meant to help people understand how destructive red tape can be and celebrate success at reducing it,” said CFIB Executive Vice-President Laura Jones in a release Tuesday. “In previous years, we’ve had governments make some terrific red-tape cutting commitments during the week. We’re hoping for more of the same this year.”

The week will start Jan. 23 with CFIB issuing a red tape challenge to Canada’s provincial governments.

Jan. 24 will mark the annual Report Card Day when CFIB releases who they deem to be on the honour roll and who hasn’t done as well in cutting red tape. CFIB’s experts grade the provinces and the federal government.

Wednesday, Jan. 25 the business lobby organization will present their Paperweight Awards” for red tape, providing what they see as “some of the most ridiculous, jaw-dropping stories from across the country.”

CFIB will present its CRA Helpline report Jan. 26, outlining how easy it is to reach an agent, how long they are on hold, and agent accountability.

Red Tape Awareness Week wraps up Jan. 27 with the announcement of the Golden Scissors Award, given to the politician or public servant who has made the biggest impact on freeing entrepreneurs from red tape. The list of nominees will be released on January 18.

CFIB will also hold webinars for small business on dealing with red tape during the week.

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