Exceptional women to be recognized in honour of United Nations International Women’s Day

by Stephen Dafoe

Residents have less than three weeks to nominate exceptional area women for some special recognition. For the past 21 years, the St. Albert Bahá’í community has sponsored an annual celebration of United Nations International Women’s Day by recognizing the contributions women make to society.

These contributions include their generosity of spirit, courage, creativity, determination, steadfastness, leadership, enthusiasm, love, caring, and other attributes that enrich the communities in which they live. This year’s celebrations will take place in St. Albert on Mar. 4 but the deadline for nominations is Feb. 4.

Volunteer organizer and Morinville resident Sarah Hall said it was important to recognize the passion and dedication of area women.

“I truly believe that by recognizing women’s contributions within our communities, whether it be through motherhood, education, innovation, politics, industry, charity, activism, volunteerism or any other way, … it reminds us all of the important roles women play in the world around us,” Hall said. “Though the struggle is still very real for women’s rights in many places on earth, it is getting easier in the western world for women.”

Hall went on to say communities can bring to light the work and passions of many unsung heroines through the recognition, showcasing the value and worth women bring to communities.

“[Their] stories will hopefully inspire a whole new generation of young ladies and women,” Hall said. “It is easy to forget how difficult the rise to gender equality has been over the last century and more. But by honouring how far we’ve come each year, and those who have made exceptional contributions, it helps inspire each of us to keep going, growing and changing until we see a world equality the way it should be.”

Past recipients have included Sturgeon County Councillor Susan Evans and Morinville Mayor Lisa Holmes as well as several other dedicated Morinville and area women.

[subhead]Local nominees sought


The committee is currently looking for help finding nominations for unsung heroines living in Sturgeon County and the communities within Sturgeon County, as well as those bordering the County as long as they are not from larger cities.

Nominations are open to women and female youth who demonstrate a generosity of spirit, courage, creativity, determination, steadfastness, leadership, enthusiasm, love, caring, and other attributes that enrich their communities.

Nomination considerations include the areas of motherhood, aboriginal initiatives, science, arts, business, community service, health, literacy, mentorship, peace, and youth. The public, organizations and community groups are all welcome to submit nominations.

Deadline for nominee submissions is Feb. 4. Nomination forms are available at www.stalbertbahai.org, or by email at stalbertlsa@gmail.com.

Entries can be faxed to 780-460-8408. They can also be mailed to Box 87, St. Albert, AB T8N 1N2 but must be postmarked by Feb. 1.

For more information call May at 780-459-4060.

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