Our Morinville: Local women drumming up fitness

Our Morinville: Cardio Drumming from Morinville News on Vimeo.

by Stephen Dafoe

Drumsticks, yoga balls, and some Home Depot buckets unite a couple of times each week to provide an interesting fitness routine for a group of Morinville women.

Cardio Drumming instructor and Nourish Morinville owner Wyanita Seinen said the exercise class is one of several she runs each week.

“We want to to bring healthy, active lifestyles to the community,” she said, adding cardio drumming involves getting together, playing loud music and banging the drums for 40 minutes.”

But there is more than simply banging the drum. The class is a mix of drumming and rhythmic movement, all designed to get people fit while having fun.

“We’re different from a lot of other cardio aspects as we really like to bring in the community aspect,” Seinen said. “Not only do we focus on the workout – we focus on the nutrition end of things. Every workout that you come to at our club, you are getting full results: 80 per cent nutrition, 20 per cent fitness, and 100 per cent mindset.”

One cardio drummer who has been enjoying the experience is Kelly Landry.

“It’s very innovative. It has a lot of movement. I love the music. The instructors are awesome, and it’s super high energy,” Landry said.

Cardio Drumming takes place Wednesday evenings, and on Thursday mornings, Seinen offers a cardio drumming class where children can be included.

For more information visit Nourish Morinville on Facebook or online at YourLevel10Life.com. You can also call 780-920-4425.

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