Town holding Perras Place Farewell Open House during Festival Days

by Morinville News Staff with files from Tristan Turner

The Town of Morinville is holding an open house June 17 from 8 a.m. until noon, offering the community an opportunity to say farewell to the historic building prior to the Town re-purposing the property.

The 1903 building was scheduled for demolition earlier this year but put on hold so Council could determine costs to refurbish the building. It was rescheduled for demolition once those costs were revealed to be in the neighbourhood of half a million dollars to bring the building up to standard for commercial usage.

Guests attending the event will be able to learn about the history of the building and the Perras family, who resided in the home for more than 60 years. Part of that information will include info from Raymonde Riopel, a prominent resident and town historian who grew up in the home. Riopel was interviewed about her past by the Morinville Historical and Cultural Society before her passing in 2016.

To date, no firm plans have been made for the property other than utilizing part of the land for parking.

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