Government support of partial upgrading tech a strong first step, Alberta’s Industrial Heartland Association says

by Morinville News Staff

The Alberta’s Industrial Heartland Association (AIHA) said it is encouraged by Premier Notley’s announcement Monday of her government’s actions supporting the full-scale commercialization of partial upgrading technologies.

Coming on the heels of the release of the Energy Diversification Advisory Committee’s (EDAC) recommendations to government, the AIHA says the move is a “strong first step towards attracting new investments in the downstream sector.” AIHA sees the investments as something that will add value to Alberta’s Industrial Heartland and the broader Alberta economy.

“More and more, the global investment landscape continues to place value on jurisdictional competitiveness; AIHA supports government initiatives and activities that align with industry to create the right investment conditions,” said AIHA Executive Director Mark Plamondon. “Alberta is investment ready and eager to capture a potential $30 billion in diversified investment by 2030. With more than $40 billion in existing capital investment, Alberta’s Industrial Heartland region is ready for more. We are encouraged by the provincial government’s recognition of the need for targeted, meaningful incentive programs and we support the recommendations put forward by the Energy Diversification Advisory Committee.”

The association says it contributed to EDAC’s development of its recommendations during the consulting stage. That involvement focused on efforts that would diversify the economy, create jobs, and attract new investment to Alberta.

AIHA submission highlighted the need to coordinate closely with all levels of government in support of investment attraction.

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