Morinville plants 750 trees at Fish and Game pond

On Sunday the planting of tree and shrub seedlings took place at the Fish & Game pond.

The rain did not deter members of Fish & Game, town employees and local residents who came out to help with the task.

More than 750 seedlings were planted with the guidance of Luke Wonneck from Agroforestry Woodlot Extension Society.

Wonneck provided instruction on the proper techniques of planting and discussed the proper tree planting tools.

He spoke of the main reasons planting fails such as J roots, air pockets and planting is too shallow leaving the roots exposed.

Town Operator 2 and arborist Lianne Poirier was the project manager for the event and said the intent is to create a Boreal forest.

Trembling Aspen, White Birch, White Spruce Tree, Balsam Poplar, Pin Cherry, Dogwood, Pussy Willows and Sandbar Willow were among the more than 750 seedlings planted.

Degradable weed mats were placed around the seedlings giving them a chance to grow and to protect them from moisture and nutrient robbing grasses and weeds.

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