Strongman Scott Wallace conquers Morinville fire truck

Scott Wallace pulled the Morinville Fire Department’s pumper truck 40 feet on Sunday afternoon.

After the successful event, Wallace said he felt awesome.

“I feel better than expected. It was one of my top three heaviest pulls, fire truck is 40,000 pounds and I pulled a 60,000 and somewhere around 40 to 50000. I knew it would be one of my top three.”

“I was a little nervous getting into it as I haven’t done a truck pull in about two years. Once I got into it and felt it moving then it was no problem.”

“I thought it would be really tough to get it moving but when I strapped in and grabbed the rope and I started my beginning technique I could feel right away that it was moving so I knew right away that I had it and rest was easy. I felt pretty beat up right after but feel good right now.”

Wallace does a lot of training, a lot of squats he said to build up leg strength and back strength.

A truck pull is using the arms and upper back. Wallace said when he just starts to get it going he then incorporates his hips and legs.

Wallace does a lot of squats, lifts, good mornings exercise for the lower back, then as far as street training he will push his half ton around the block.

“Instead of pushing my half ton with my hands on the tailgate I”ll put them right on the bumper so I am nice and low, same position I was.”

For breathing, he said just in through the nose and out through the mouth and make sure to breathe.

“Neighbours are not so bad here because I just push the half ton but where I used to live I had all my own equipment and used to take it out on the street and do full training right on the street.” He said neighbours it is like anything else they love to see it and people don’t see it often so people don’t get mad.

Wallace plans to go to Fort McMurray in July for the Alberta’s Strongest Man competition and after that training with the hopes of making it to the World’s Strongest Man Master event.

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