Kiyasowin Warrior Pursuit offered lots of challenges

Above: The Chevalier team at the Black Bar Fitness site.

by Lucie Roy

The Kiyasowin Warrior Pursuit took place Saturday with nine teams competing.

This year they had two categories, the Family Pursuit which was a shorter circuit and the Extreme Pursuit which added two additional sites.

Events at the various sites included answering a few questions to receive the numbers to unlock two chains at Montreux Park, making a bouquet at the Flower Stop & Gift Shop that matched the one already made, grabbing paper money from the inflatable cash vault at ATB Financial, identifying tire sizes of tires and moving them across the parking area at DC Transmission, a few exercise routines at My Strength and Wellness, obstacle course and matching books and authors at the Library and a finale with Black Bar Fitness at the MCCC.

Other stops included Grandin Heights Park, Jiffy Lube and Atlas Premium Homes.

The trophy winners in the Family Pursuit category was Crystal, Zac, Lucas and Wes Brown.

The winners in the Extreme Pursuit Category was The Running thru the 90s Library team of Josh Winsor, Amy Maxwell and Jackson Cramp.

Owen Mahe was taking his turn on the Cash Vault.

The Hunters Team at DC Transmission & Auto Repair.

The Mahe family at the Flower Stop & Gift Shop.

Josh W. Jackson C. and Amy M of the Running thru the 90s library Team.

Obstacle course for the Extreme Team members at the Library.

TNT I’m Dynamite team at the My Strength and Wellness.

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