Town holds open house for Park & Recreation Master Plan

by Lucie Roy

A little over 40 people were in attendance at the Open House on Parks, Recreation, Culture & Trails Master Plan on Thursday evening at the MCCC.

This was an opportunity for residents to have a say and to be a planner for a day and help create the master plan.

For those unable to attend, the Open House panels and feedback form will be available on the Town’s website ( until Monday, March 4, 2019.

The Master Plan will then be finalized.

Utilizing the map of Morinville with the parks and open spaces numbered throughout the town and with a handout of the outdoor priorities the participants could indicate where they would like to see those located on the map.

The handout listed more than 20 outdoor priorities including picnic areas, playgrounds, ball diamonds, outdoor pools or an opportunity to list an activity that is not listed.

Also on the areas listed is the new Recreation Centre Site which includes a toboggan hill.

A few groups were represented at the event, one being the Morinville Fish & Game Association to discuss the feasibility and plans of an archery range.

The information collected provides an insight into the town and planners where members of the community think things should go.

A 30-minute presentation on the seven display panels was held by Rob Parks, Partner, RC Strategies and Dr. John Buchko, EDS- Environmental Design Solutions, with a prelude by David Schaefer, Town of Morinville Director of Community & Protective Services.

They spoke on how the town utilizes the Master Plan to help plan the future of where things should go and why.

It is a strategic document that provides some direction for Admin and the town to be able to carry forward with their job.

They spoke on specific engagements by the town with partnerships, in kind, neighbouring municipalities, community groups, recognition and working together.

The speakers provided background information on the research used to develop the Master Plan; Current Inventory, Background Review, Trends and Benefits, Stakeholder Reviews, Community Group Survey and Household Survey.

They also covered the four Master Plan Themes; Sustain and Protect, Animate, Educate and Grow.

Councillor Sarah Hall looks at a map of the land at the new rec centre. She was joined at the event by Councillors Balanko, Boutestein, Dafoe and Mayor Barry Turner.

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