Top 5 cleaning tips for a pet-friendly home

(NC) If you have four or more paws running the show in your household, cleaning can feel like an ongoing chore. Fortunately, with these helpful tips you can better manage daily maintenance and prevent a bigger mess later.

Wipe-down station.
Keep a bristly mat with a sealable container of soapy water and micro-fibre cloth either by the front mat or in mudroom to give your beloved pooch a wipe-down before heading indoors.

Invest in durable materials.
Choose décor and furniture made from durable, stain-resistant materials. For example, microfiber is so dense that fur and dander can be easily vacuumed away and cannot be easily torn.

Regular cleaning.
Toss chew-toys and favourite blankets and pillows into the washing machine during your regularly scheduled loads. Not only will this keep your home more sanitary, it will also cut down on unnecessary odour and accumulated dirt.

Versatile, grab-and-go cleaning.
Choose appliances with lightweight and cordless versatility. Hoover’s OnePwr Floormate Jet powerfully vacuums and washes at the same time, making it perfect for all variety of pet messes.

Tackle odours.
A great tip for tacking unwanted odours is to toss baking soda over carpets and surfaces before vacuuming. Air purifiers are another effective way to keep home odours at bay.

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