Morinville schools and Town participate in Pink Shirt Day

Above: Savannah Baxter waiting for questions after her presentation to Council. – Lucie Roy Photo

photos by Lucie Roy and Stephen Dafoe

Lift Each Other Up was the slogan of this year’s Pink Shirt Day, which took place Feb. 26. The focus as in other years has been to raise awareness about bullying and cyberbullying.

The movement began in 2007 as a way for two Nova Scotia students to support a fellow student bullied for wearing a pink shirt to school. The next day they invited other students to stand with them by wearing pink to show them that bullying is not okay and to show those being bullied that they are not alone.

Pink Shirt Day has grown over the past 12 years to become a national day of awareness about the impacts of bullying. Local schools and businesses took part in the initiative Wednesday.

On Tuesday Savannah Baxter, Leader of the Morinville Leaders of the Future Group, made a presentation at the Regular Meeting of Council on the topic of Pink Shirt Day, with the message to be PINK (Positive-Inclusive-Nurturing and Kind).

Baxter said, “It is important to us and we want to bring awareness to bullying in our community, especially in our schools. We strive to get Morinville youth to actively think about the topic of bullying and how they can make an impact on its reduction.”

Baxter said over 75% of people say they have been bullied and over 90% of bullying incidents have peer witnesses but when peers intervene most incidents are over within 10 seconds.
Baxter said the theme this year for Pink Shirt Day is Lift Each Other Up and they have done a few projects to raise awareness.

One of these projects is Cards of Kindness.

These cards were made by Morinville Leaders of the Future, Morinville Youth Leadership and M.Y. Loft participants.

These cards were distributed to members of the community and residents of Aspen House.
The other project was a video that showcases community members, groups and intergenerational community members.

Created by Leaders of the Future and Youth Leadership, who are also featured in the video, it was made to spread awareness and kindness throughout the community with the message of how we can lift each other up.

The video asks three questions; What does it mean to lift each other up, How does it feel when someone lifts you up and What is one way you lift someone up.

The Leaders of the Future Group meet monthly under the mentorship of Chantal Godberson, Town of Morinville Youth Programmer.

Lacey Brockhoff’s Grade 6 students celebrating Pink Shirt Day at Four Winds Public School. – Stephen Dafoe Photo

Staff gathered under the “Be the I in KIND” banner on Pink Shirt Day at MCHS. – Stephen Dafoe Photo

Students and staff from Morinville Public School gathered for a Pink Shirt Day photo. – Stephen Dafoe Photo

Ecole Notre Dame gathered for a Pink Shirt Day today. – Submitted Photo

George’s H Primeau staff gathered for a Pink Shirt Day photo. – Stephen Dafoe Photo

Town Council and staff wore pink to Tuesday’s Council meeting – Lucie Roy Photo

Savannah Baxter, Leader of the Leaders of the Future Group with Town of Morinville Youth Programmer, Chantal Godberson waiting to enter Council Chamber to speak on Pink Shirt Day. – Lucie Roy Photo

Publishers Note: The photos in this news piece represent schools participating in Pink Shirt Day in Morinville on Feb. 26, 2020. While it is possible for us to spend the morning visiting the schools, it is not possible for us to assemble the entire school for a group photo or even photograph every student and faculty member who wore pink.

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