Morinville Council Briefs

by Colin Smith


Deciding on how to spend $1.7 million on infrastructure projects is the not-too-unpleasant task Morinville Town Council now faces.

The money is the Town’s share of $1.1 billion in funding through the Government of Alberta’s Municipal Stimulus Program announced in July.

The Administration brought a list of possible infrastructure projects for Council to choose from to its September 15 meeting. Project applications must be submitted by October 1, with completion to take place by December 31, 2021.

The suggested projects and their costs include: splash park replacement, $250,000-plus; RMSC outdoor rink replacement, $525,000; tennis court rehab, $100,000; missing shared-use path linkages, $225,000; RMSC outdoor building, $250,000 to $500,000; intersection signalization at 100 Avenue and Grandin Drive, $445,000.

Council was asked to choose projects totalling $1.1 million, to leave room for contingencies.

Following discussion, the intersection signalization was dropped from the list as the Province is responsible for paying that, though it may be some time yet. A motion to include the intersections lights failed 3-4 with Councillors Dafoe and Richardson as well as Deputy Mayor Hall in support of the motion to install lights now.

Because of a feeling the list was too heavy on the recreation side, Administration was asked to add five high-priority short-term items from the Transportation Master Plan to bring to Council’s September 22 regular meeting for a decision.


Morinville Enforcement Services handled a total of 334 files during the second quarter of this 2020, according to the Quarterly Report for April, May and June received by Council.

Most file categories were up slightly over the second quarter of 2019, with Bylaw at 229 compared 210, Assist up to 30 from 20, and Provincial 62 from 58. Seven permits were issued, there was one Court file, three Miscellaneous and one Internal. There were no Criminal Code files or Warrants, the same as this period last year.

Automated Traffic Enforcement saw 32 school/playground violations in April, 1.6 violations per hour operated, and 14 speed zone violations, 2.3 per hour. In May there were 18 school/playground violations, 4.5 per hour, and 38 speed zone, 3.8 per hour.  June violations were 28 school/playground zone, seven per hour, and 44 speed zone, two per hour.


The Town of Morinville would like to see more community residents pay their property taxes in installments.

The Administration has presented Council with a recommended action plan to better promote the Tax Installment Payment Plan, which enables taxpayers to pay on a monthly basis rather than in one annual payment.

Benefits for the taxpayer include smaller monthly payments that make budgeting easier, as well as eliminating the risk of lost payments and tax penalties.

Installment payment benefits the Town by improving cash flows and reducing the potential for costly collections and tax recovery/sale proceedings.

Further information about installment payment plan is available on the Town website,, and by phoning the Tax/Utility Department at 780-939-4361 or emailing it at