Looking Back: Cookbooks- Part 3

Above: Some of the cookbooks in Part 3 of the series.

by Lucie Roy

This article is the last in the local cookbook series where Morinville and Sturgeon County residents have submitted. This series does not cover all the cookbooks but many that were well-known at the time.

The cookbooks were a great fundraiser for clubs and organizations, using them to involve the community and provide information on their organizations and promote membership.

This selection consists of the More Than Just Another Cookbook by the Morinville Art Club. It also includes two from the library: the Reader’s Recipes, A Literary collection of Culinary Treasures and the 1977 Look ‘N Cook. Senator Chalifoux’s Cookbook, the Star Weekly, Tiny Treasures Tried and true, Personal Recipes from the Ladies Auxiliary of the Royal Canadian Legion Br.271 St. Albert, the 1997 Focus on 4-H Favorites and the Morinville Centennial Community Gardens Growing Back to our roots are also included.

The Look ‘N Cook has recipes from Paula Nolte, Rachel Bulger, Angeline Leduc, Rogelle Boissonnault, Lois Mulligan and more than 40 other residents who provided entries.

One recipe from Denise Touchette was an easy to make Molasses Popcorn.

Morinville advertisers and businesses included Ricklen Construction, Car Clinic, Happy Pop, the W.W. Farm Equip (Morinville) Ltd, Electronics Centre, Ron’s Carpet Villa, Superior Kitchens & Appliances, Morinville Hardware, Mar-co Welding, Bert’s Auto Centre, Cooperative Insurance, Mobile Park, Wild Roy’s Drive Inns, Paul’s Confectionery and many more.

The Reader’s Recipes provided a 40-year history of the library from 1967 to 2007, along with 93 pages of recipes and info. The library has a copy signed by Marty Chan and Don Trembath.

A little gem located at the Musee Morinville Museum was the Morinville Art Club cookbook titled More Than Just Another Cook Book.

This 57-page book was created circa 1983 when Jeannine Chalifoux was President, and the club had 35 members.

It includes a history of the Art Club, from its creation in April 1978, along with a list of all members and former members.

The book covers Chocolate Popsicles recipe by Dianne Fischer to Sucre a Creme by Edna Mercier and My Mom’s Fudge by Fran Meunier.

Some of the Morinville businesses advertising in it includes Challenger Auto Body, Crescent Stereo & TV Ltd, McGinnis Realty Ltd., R.D. Hooper Kitchen Shop & Gifts, Morinville Hotel Coffee Shop, Kilian Industries, Auto Body, IGA, Prince Bakery, heritage Landscape Construction, Dave’s Auto Centre, Red Rooster, Grandin Agencies, Eileen’s Beauty Salon and Craig’s Manufacturing Industries.

Senator Chalifoux’s Cook Book covers Fish, Wild Meats, including Bear, Cougar Roast, Buffalo and Deer, Elk, Venison, Deer, Moose, Rabbit, Racoon Pot Roast, Game Birds and how to cut and prepare all cuts of meat and fish.

A recipe on Dandelion Syrup and Steamed Dandelion Greens is under the Miscellaneous section, along with Swamp Tea, Beet Wine and Beef Tea.

The Tiny Treasures Tried and True has more than 112 pages and is a cookbook in memory of Wendy Pasini and Jennifer Weiss with a touching intro by Emily Perl Kingsley. Proceeds went to the NICU Education Fund.

Library Manager Isabelle Cramp holding a copy of the Community Gardens cookbook and Library Reader’s Recipes book.

Jeannine Chalifoux holding a copy of the Morinville Art Club cookbook

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