Keep kids busy and having fun this summer

(NC) School was tough for everyone this year. After months of adapting to new ways of learning, many kids—and parents— are ready for something new.

Here are a few ways to keep everyone having fun this summer:

Build a backyard waterpark.

Kids of all ages love running through water from a sprinkler or hose on hot days. Take it up a notch by adding a DIY slip and slide, a splash-worthy kiddie pool and a bucket of water balloons. You’ll all keep cool and refreshed and be entertained for hours.

Host an outdoor movie night.

This a great one for tech-minded tweens and teens. Have them help you hang a big white sheet in your yard or driveway, and then set up a projector to stream your favourite family flicks under the stars. It’s easier than you think; don’t forget to pop the popcorn.

Save on boredom busters.

You can get hours of entertainment for free by using your Air Miles Reward Miles towards something fun for the whole family, like a Nintendo Switch gaming system, a Spotify subscription for music and podcasts, Cineplex movie tickets or a trampoline for your yard. There are lots of options you don’t want to miss out on.

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Publisher’s Note: Morinville Online – is closed this week for the first of two weeks’ summer vacation. This article and others published this week were pre-scheduled prior to our close down. We will resume news coverage on Aug. 3.

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