Policy change will see Morinville CAO evaluated by outgoing and incoming Council

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by Colin Smith

Election year performance evaluations for Morinville’s Chief Administrative Officer will now include input from the incoming, as well as the outgoing council.

The change comes with the approval of a revised CAO performance evaluation procedure at Town Council’s September 14 meeting. The measure was approved without debate.

Under the existing procedure, approved in January 2020, the outgoing council would evaluate the CAO’s performance over the year prior to the new council being elected.

The idea was for the CAO to have performance goals and key objectives already in place to share with the newly elected council in their first year of office. The first time the new council evaluated the CAO would be one a year after it was elected.

Now, in an election year, both outgoing and incoming councils will contribute to the evaluation of the CAO.

The revised procedure states that performance feedback will be gathered from the current council prior to the end of their term and will be combined with the next council’s feedback at the end of the performance evaluation period in March.

“Evaluation will be based on CAO performance objectives that will combine areas of focus that span the end of the outgoing council’s term and the beginning of the next council’s term, along with certain objectives specific to either pre- or post-election.”

The new procedure was developed by the CAO Performance Evaluation Committee, Mayor Barry Turner, Deputy Mayor Nicole Boutestein, and Councillor Scott Richardson), which met following completion of the 2020/21 CAO Performance Evaluation, to debrief and evaluate the performance evaluation process.

With a view to clarifying the process for election years, the committee drafted revisions for Council’s consideration, finalizing them at the end of August.

The CAO performance evaluation process is scheduled to begin in March of each year. All components of the evaluation, including any salary adjustment, are to be completed by June 15.


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