Our Morinville: The Week In Photos

Here are some of the photos our and their local photographer’s lenses captured this past week.

Tyler Ferguson, who is in Florida covering Space X’s Inspiration4 launch gave us footage of the first 30 seconds of the launch. We did a story on Tyler a few days back. Great opportunity for this local filmmaker.

Stephen Dafoe shot the moon over three nights between Tuesday and Thursday as it made its way towards Monday’s full moon. Tuesday saw the waxing gibbous moon at 57% illumination. Wednesday’s moon was 67% illuminated and Thursday night was 78% illuminated.

Don Boutilier caught these two shots of the colourful clouds over Morinville earlier this week.

Joanne Deveau also got some shots of the same cloud formation.

Stanley Myles sent us this excellent photo taken at the Morinville Fish & Game Association pond.

JoAnne Maurier sent us this great shot from her garden.

Don Boutilier sent us these two shots taken during his travels around the area.
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