Division 6 by-election decided by one vote

After pulling his name in a draw, Jason Berry is the unofficial winner of the Dec. 13 Sturgeon County Division 6 By-Election. 

Both Berry and Marty Derouin had 66 votes apiece, resulting in the Returning Officer putting both names on pieces of paper and drawing one, a process outlined in section 99 of the Local Authorities Election Act. 

The by-election resulted from the resignation of then Division 6 Councillor-elect Ronald Shaw, who was elected on Oct. 18 with 305 votes. 

In that election, Berry received second place with 241 votes. 

Monday’s election saw 233 of Divisio 6’s electorate come out for a voter turnout of 10.2%. 

233 people voted in the Division 6 by-election, for a voter turnout of 10.2%.

Results were as follows: Jason Berry (67),Marty Derouin (66), Chris Hughson (53), Ron Start (48).

The election results will be declared official Friday, Dec. 17 at noon.

Former four-term Division 6 Councillor Karen Shaw announced Monday that she would seek the NDP nod to run in 2023 in Morinville-St. Albert. 

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