Public Notice: Alberta RCMP advising of Grandparent Scam

Alberta RCMP are warning the public about “Grandparent” scams specifically targeting the elderly. In Okotoks there have been as many as 5 of these scams reported in the last few weeks.  In this scam, the victim will receive a call from an apparent grandson who advises that they are in prison and require a large amount of money for bail. A second individual of authority will then go on the phone and attempt to arrange collection of the money. These individuals may know specific information about the grandson. Things to look out for are:

  • Police would never go to your home to collect bail money for a prisoner
  • Police would never pressure someone to pay bail money for a prisoner
  • Bail money in Canada is traditionally not large sums

If you have any concerns about suspicious phone calls please call your local police.

submitted by Alberta RCMP

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