Al-Anon Family Group is resuming in-person meetings at Morinville Baptist Church

by Morinville Online Staff

Al-Anon Family Group is a support group for individuals affected by someone else’s drinking, such as family members or friends of alcoholics.

The group provides a safe and confidential environment for individuals to share their experiences, feelings, and challenges with others who can relate to their struggles. The group focuses on helping individuals improve their emotional and mental well-being and learn how to cope with the challenges associated with someone else’s drinking.

After three long years of holding virtual meetings due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Morinville Al-Anon Family Group is reopening its doors for in-person meetings.

The first in-person meeting will occur on Thursday, April 06, 2023, at 8 p.m. at the Morinville Baptist Church (431 Grandin Drive). In-person meetings will continue every Thursday at 8 p.m., including holidays.

This in-person meeting is a significant milestone for the group as it allows individuals to connect again and support each other face-to-face, something the group has not been able to do for three years.

“The true challenge during the pandemic was isolation and the loss of support,” said a program member whose name has been withheld due to the program’s anonymity. “Many no longer had this safe place to go to, to share their struggles with others.”

The Al-Anon Family Group member said many members could not access the Zoom meetings due to not having the software or knowing how to use it. Additionally, many did not have a private place in their home where they could tune in to listen or share their heart.

With in-person meetings returning, that ability to have the anonymity and privacy to share and seek support has also returned.

Attending an Al-Anon Family Group meeting can be a life-changing experience for those struggling with the effects of someone else’s drinking. The group provides a sense of community and belonging, and attendees can learn from the experiences of others who have gone through similar situations.

Additionally, the group offers practical tools and strategies for dealing with the challenges associated with someone else’s drinking. Al-Anon Family Group provides a resource for anyone affected by someone else’s drinking and seeks support and guidance on navigating this difficult situation.

The Morinville group meets at the Baptist Church every Thursday, including holidays, at 8 p.m. starting April 6. Access to the church is through the side door.

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