Redwater approves 4.53% tax increase for 2023

by Morinville Online Staff

The Town of Redwater Administration presented the proposed amendments to the 2023 Operating and Capital Budgets at a Council meeting held on May 2, 2023. Following deliberations, Council approved the budget amendments, as well as the 2023 Tax Bylaw. The Town of Redwater says the focus of this year’s budget discussions was centered on achieving the goals outlined in the Strategic Plan update and ensuring that the Priority Focus Areas remained at the forefront of decision-making processes.

Due to the prevailing effects of hyperinflation on goods and services, an initial budget increase of 6.85% was considered by Council. However, with the aim of mitigating the impact on taxpayers, Council utilized the Tax Mitigation Reserve to reduce the increase to 4.53%. This was made possible through the strategic utilization of other reserve funds, enabling the Town to meet operational and capital needs while alleviating the burden on taxpayers for the year 2023.

For the average Redwater home, assessed at $208,500, the annual tax amount for 2023 will be $2,073, equivalent to $173 per month. The budget increase translates to an additional $100 annually or $8 per month for the average Redwater home.

Redwater sees the increase as a moderate increase that ensures the Town has sufficient operating revenue to fund existing services and maintain essential assets and paves the way for future growth and improvements that will benefit both residents and local businesses.

Mayor McRae expressed appreciation for the challenges faced during the budget development process and highlighted its successes, stating, “I would like to thank both Administration and Council for their hard work in bringing forward a budget that balances the need for future planning as well as understanding the significant pressure that residents and businesses are feeling in this era of inflation. Inflation is real for everyone as individuals, and it is also real for us as a Town as we work hard to meet the demands of service delivery. We will continue to look for ways to reduce the strain of tax increases on individuals and businesses while continuing to provide the services expected and required for a healthy sustainable community”

The Town says the 2023 Operating and Capital Budget encompasses various initiatives aimed at safeguarding residents, ensuring safe transportation through road and sidewalk maintenance, and promoting health and wellness through facilities like Pembina Place and other recreational amenities. Additionally, the budget includes provisions for snow removal, grass cutting, and the maintenance of green spaces to enhance the beauty of the community. Furthermore, it encompasses initiatives geared towards supporting and stimulating the local economy.

Additional details regarding the 2023 Budget can be found on the official Town of Redwater website at The combined tax notices and assessments were recently mailed to residents on May 24, 2023.


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