National Column: Liberals pick up where they left off

For all the talk about a new activist federal era, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s first budget largely picks up where Paul Martin left off – at least when it comes to spending priorities.

Improving the terms of the relationship between Canada and its indigenous people was front and centre on the former Liberal prime minister’s radar. At the time of its defeat in 2006, the Martin government was about to start implementing the Kelowna Accord. […]


National Column: First budget big on spending and hope

Justin Trudeau is said to have hit on the idea of running deficits last July while brainstorming with aides just weeks before the election call.

The following month, in late August, he unveiled that plan and, according to Trudeau, that was the day he believed he won the election. […]

Local News

Council slashes and burns before passing budget 2016

Council has unanimously passed second and third reading of Budget 2016 after making hundreds of thousands worth of cuts and a few additions to the budget. The budget as passed would represent approximately a 3 per cent tax increase for Morinville property owners, but 2016 tax rates will not be set until spring. […]

Local News

Library seeks 34% funding increase for 2016

The Morinville Community Library is asking the Town of Morinville for $413,897 in funding for 2016, a 34.75 per cent increase over 2015’s request. That number is set to go up to $436,637.00 (5.5%) in 2017 and to $452,538.00 (3.65%) in 2018.

Library Manager Isabelle Cramp and Board Vice Chair Amy Guenette presented to Council during Council’s Committee of the Whole meeting Oct. 13. Also present was Board Chair Keith Norris.