Town gets presentation from ISP looking to develop fibre in Morinville

The Town of Morinville may be getting a high-tech upgrade to its network infrastructure following a presentation to council from Axia, an Albertan rural Internet service provider. The company develops fibre infrastructure in small communities across the province. Fibre is a relatively new technology that transmits data though light, rather than using electricity through coper wire, as phone, internet, and television has been commonly transmitted for decades. In general, fibre is much faster than copper lines, and more reliable in speed and service. […]

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Council brings forward many requests for information

First with a request was Councilor Stephen Dafoe on behalf of 1st Morinville Scouts to see if Public Works would be able to assist them moving some small outbuildings from their current location to the landfill. The group had been requested to relocate and had previously moved two of their larger storage units already. […]

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Editorial & Opinion

Editorial: Making time to unplug

We’re not alone in this, nor are news people alone in our slavish devotion to the iPhone, iPad, and other technological gizmos that have made our lives more efficient and yet deprived us of more and more time as we do more and more work because… […]