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The magic of amateur radio from VE6KD

Located just outside Morinville David Gervais is proud of his antennas as he describes their usage. The 10-mete, 15-m, 40-m antennas and 160 Dipole, as well as the 80-m Phased Verticals and the KLM Tribander are all his doing. Hosting club members from the North Central Alberta Amateur Radio Club (NCAARC) with their equipment is his way to promote amateur radio. […]

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Amateur radio hams work the bands in Morinville

Story and photos by Lucie Roy

Morinville – Ever wonder what would happen if the phones and Internet went down in a crisis? Ham radio operators know. Ham radios can work even when the phone lines and electricity go down, said David Gervais President of the North Central Alberta Amateur Radio Club (NCAARC). Amateur radio operators from the NCAARC and the Quarter Century Amateur Radio Club held a joint open house to feature Amateur Radio… […]