National News

5 red flags for popular scams

(NC) It seems that there’s always a new scam we need to be worried about. By now, we’ve been exposed to so many it’s easy to think we know the warning signs. But fraudsters are always finding new ways to outsmart victims. Here are some flags to watch out for: […]

Crime & Police

Scams that target seniors

(NC) Many fraudsters target their scams at seniors, believing that they are more vulnerable and easier to trick. This isn’t always true of course, but seniors remain one of the most targeted groups, so it pays to be cautious. […]


Business owners urged to be careful with grant help

Community Futures Tawatinaw Region is cautioning business owners about grant offerings and promises that look too good to be true. Kelly Harris-Martin, General Manager of Community Futures Tawatinaw Region, told Morinville News the downturn in the economy has sent more people their way inquiring about the availability of grant funding for their business. […]

Local News

Love is in the air … and so are romance scams

As Valentine’s Day approaches, RCMP are warning the public to beware of internet Romance Scams. In Romance Scams, a victim connects with someone online – usually through a legitimate dating website. […]